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Table Manners was born during a global pandemic that forced the world to change the way we live. Unfortunately, it also changed the way we eat and the very nature of how we socialize around food and drink.  Having spent well over a decade working in kitchens, restaurants and hotels, feeding people had become Christopher's life's work. There is an energy that comes from creating culinary experiences around a table and whether he wears a chef's jacket or a suit, Christopher thrives when he has a hand in fueling that energy. 

In 2008 Christopher opened the award-winning specialty food shop, Christopher's Table.  Even in the midst of an economic recession, Christopher's Table thrived on the simple premise of creating food-focused hospitality and using food as a means to bring people together.  In 2011, as the Farm to Table movement continued to surge, Christopher was partnering with local farmers to produce elaborate farm dinner events and advocating for schools to start using locally sourced produce in their cafeterias. In 2012, Christopher took his passion for food and people and began leading small groups on curated culinary tours throughout Paris, France.  His career continued the narrative of community through food even after closing his storefront, as he continued working as a general manager of fine restaurants throughout the Boston area. 

In 2020 while managing Boston's venerable Oak Room in the Fairmont Copley Plaza, Chris watched as our ability to gather around a table and share a meal together became so restricted that many restaurants and bars were forced to shutter their businesses. It is not surprising that Christopher rolled up his sleeves and got creative once again. 

"We need to share food and drink together, it is essential to our survival.  We do it in good times to celebrate and in difficult times to bring comfort. No matter the reason, we do it together and while our current reality asks us to change the way we do it,  it remains imperative that we continue to do it in a new way."                                                                                                                                                                -- Christopher


While 2021 saw many of us return to bars and restaurants, we remained cautious and ever hopeful. Table Manners has continued to offer specialty prepared foods, baked goods, and pantry provisions in a safe, convenient online format.  We hope that Table Manners allows you to bring quality food items into your home but more importantly, we hope that it allows you to continue to gather around a table with the people you love.

Thank you for shopping with us.

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Christopher DeStefano

Growing up in his grandparent's butcher shop grocery store in East Boston, Christopher learned the valuable connection between food and people.  Years later, he would have a celebrated culinary career based on this very simple principle of not just making food, but sharing food with people.

In 2008 Christopher opened his award winning prepared food shop, Christopher's Table (2008-2014) in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  Over the years he has been recognized with awards and accolades for both his cooking as well as his commitment to community.  He is about to publish a cook book memoir entitled "Misfit Chef - Stories & Recipes from Memory "

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