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So Close You Can Almost Taste It

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

I love a good story.

In fact, I have spent the better part of my career accumulating them. Some are simple, personal memories, others pant-wettingly funny anecdotes and some are heartbreaking, inspiring and deeply moving. Some are, well, risque and best left for a select few with a fortified constitution.

I’ve taken some of these stories and written a book.

I have compiled memories and recipes along with breathtaking photography by Cynthia August and created a beautiful hardcover cookbook memoir. The process has taken me nearly three years and I am… gulp… finally ready to share it with you.

Misfit Chef: Stories and Recipes from Memory is my cookbook memoir. It recalls the six years of running Christopher’s Table, a prepared food shop and wine bar in a small rural town on the north shore of Boston. Misfit Chef is a cookbook and yet, it is technically, not about food. Yeah, I’ll just let that sit there for a minute… Misfit Chef shares the high points from my time at Christopher’s Table, exceptional, sometimes over the top stories and events and the recipes that accompanied them. From my own origin story in my grandparent’s butcher shop in East Boston in the 1970’s, each chapter explores why, for this misfit chef, the food is simply not enough. The story ultimately answers the question, “if it's not about the food, then what the hell is it about”?

Recently, while sharing the news of my new book, an individual asked, “Why? Why you?” They went on to say, “There are a million cookbooks out there, what makes yours special?”

I bit my lip and resisted the urge to dump my ‘Dunks medium iced coffee on their head. In hindsight, it was a fair question. One, most publishers would raise in the first few seconds of a meeting.

The short answer is that I believe that everyone has a story worth sharing. Each of us possesses a unique set of experiences and perspectives, wisdom that can touch the lives of others. And…

I just happen to have the balls to tell my stories, so why the hell not me?

I’m no David Grisham or Toni Morrison. I understand that writing a book is no small feat. It requires dedication, time, and a deep sense of purpose. But no matter who I am, the power of storytelling is undeniable. Books have the ability to capture our imagination and transport us to different worlds. Writing Misfit Chef has allowed me to contribute to this rich tradition of storytelling and share my unique perspective with you. And while Misfit Chef is full of wonderful stories, recipes and photographs that I know you will enjoy, it is also a deeply personal project that has allowed me to express myself authentically and reflect on personal experiences that I hope will resonate with each of you.

If you would like more information on pre ordering a copy of Misfit Chef: Stories and Recipes From Memory, please visit its website:

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Margo Maloney
Margo Maloney
Aug 29, 2023

Pure gold!!! Love!

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